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6 Qualities The Best Recruiters Share

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When you work with a recruitment agency, you’re trusting them to market you and your skills and ultimately to find you a job that fits with both your professional and personal goals. This requires a high level of confidence in your chosen recruiter’s understanding of what makes you tick, as well as their connections and skills in creating opportunities for you.

Recruiters often get tarred with the same brush – we understand that there are some agencies out there who don’t do the rest of us any favours. To help you understand the qualities you should look for in a recruiter, Adam’s tech consultant Sam Smith has put together a list of six top traits to look out for as a candidate to ensure you choose a recruiter who has your best interests at heart.

Meeting you in person

The first stage of my job is to meet every candidate in person. I want to get to know you, as well as understand more about your skills and previous experience, enabling me to find the most suitable roles and relevant companies for you. This is in my interest as much as it is in yours.

You should always expect a recruiter to meet you in person and to take the time to get to know you beyond what’s written on your CV. If they aren’t prepared to do this then they won’t be able to offer the best service to you or the businesses they’re approaching.

Only presenting you with jobs that fit your brief

Meeting with you in person and taking the time to thoroughly understand both your professional and personal ambitions is vital to making sure you receive information about roles that fit your brief.

I sometimes find that a candidate can hesitate over a minor detail relating to a new job, but my role here is to reassure them. I want every candidate I place to be happy and excited about their new job and the company they’re joining. It’s never a case of trying to make a round peg fit a square hole.

If a recruiter is putting pressure on you to take a job you don’t want, it’s almost certainly because they haven’t taken the time to get to know you and understand your needs.

Ensuring that a company is the right fit for you

I’ve seen occasions when some recruiters may play you off against two businesses to ensure you get a pay rise. Often, this is so they can receive the highest possible fee from the company with the highest margin or agreed percentage.

Even if this process does result in you being offered a higher salary, be careful that you aren’t put under expectations that you don’t want or can’t meet. Remember that a good recruiter will want to find you a job you are happy in and capable of, at a company with a culture that fits your personality. It should never be just about your salary.

Only advertising real jobs

Some recruiters have been known to advertise fake jobs to attract new candidates and make their agency seem more established than it really is. It’s counterproductive though. As a jobseeker, you feel as though you’ve wasted your time and are disappointed that a role you were interested in isn’t available.

You should never pay any upfront fee to apply for a job, or to undertake training either. There has been an increase in online job fraud in recent years, so be aware of these warning signs. Meeting a recruiter in person is just one way to avoid this.

Providing you with quality feedback

A recruiter should always give you feedback on your application, regardless of whether you’ve been successful. It’s even more important that I do this if you haven’t been offered the job because there may be things you can work on for the next time around.

Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback either. A recruiter may not reply immediately, but they should always respond. It’s in their interests to help you develop and build a long lasting relationship with you throughout your career.

Sending written offer letters

If you are given a verbal offer of a job, ask for a written offer as soon as possible. Verbal offers can be removed at any time and leave you in a difficult position. If a recruiter is reluctant to send something in writing, you need to ask why and approach the offer with caution.

A recruiter should become a trusted partner throughout your career. At Adam, we are privileged to say that we have been working with some candidates for decades. To find out how we can help you progress in your career contact us for an informal chat.


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