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Finding New Business off the Beaten Track with Freshwalks

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We were recently graced with a glorious bank holiday weekend – the beautiful weather reminding us that summer is just around the corner.

What better way to spend it than walking in the majestic peak district? Too busy working, you say?

Here’s a thought: why not work and walk at the same time? That’s why we sponsor Freshwalks.

Replace stuffy networking venues with countryside trails for new business connections. Learn why Freshwalksis a fun, relaxing and inspirational way to expand your contact base and build lasting connections.

A Poignant Reminder

“Life doesn’t make any sense without interdependence. We need each other, and the sooner we learn that, the better for us all.” – Erik Erikson

When we’re confined to an office, we lose our sense of connectivity with each other. Concrete walls separate us while machines suck the humanity from our interactions.

Spending time with someone in nature reminds us of how connected we all are. When we see bees collecting nectar from flowers or rain nourishing the ground we walk on, we’re reminded of how interdependent we are to everything that’s natural – including other people.

Surrounded by nature we are drawn together intuitively. Change the scene to a corporate networking event and we’re only reminded of our goal to do business:

“Freshwalks is incomparable to any other type of networking event I have been on. The main thing is no sales, because who wants to buy something on a hill?

I’ve met people three or four times before we’ve even discussed what we do for a living and – for me – that’s why it works so well. It’s about meeting people and building relationships; there’s no pressure or elevator pitch mentality… It’s just like-minded business people having a day out of the office, walking with beautiful scenery, pub grub and a few beers.” – Barry Lowe – CEO, San-iT.

Natural Wonders Elicit Sharing

Being out in nature has the power to inspire us and bring out our better selves, and we become more communal. A challenging hike, stunning scenery, lunch with a picturesque view. Have you experienced the same impulse to share those ‘wow’ moments?

What happens when we take that away? You shake five hundred hands and come home with a pile of business cards you don’t remember taking.

Why not see how Freshwalks can make networking more worthwhile? And rewarding – last one into the pool is buying a round.

Increased Empathy Helps Us Bond

In a recent study, FMRI was used to measure brain activity of participants in different environments. The results presented a stark contrast in the emotional effects of a natural and urban environment.

Those surrounded by natural beauty were lit up with empathy and love. Inside a building that lacks natural light and plant life, participants experienced anxiety and fear.

This might be why a lot of people in business dislike traditional networking events. They feel stressed or anxious, unable to articulate their business how they want to.

Whereas in nature we feel good about ourselves and the people we’re around. This inspires us to forge connections with others on a deeper level.

“I think being in nature and exercising peels back layers a bit; people become more relaxed and you get to know them better than you ever would at a more traditional networking event.”Katya Williams, Instagram trainer & freshwalker

An Effortless Ice Breaker

Sometimes networking can feel like you’re on a first date. The pressure to make a good first impression is on and this can increase your anxiety.

During a freshwalk, that social pressure drops like a stone in water. You’re too busy soaking in the experience of hiking and meeting new people that you forget you’re there for business.

Freshwalks attracts like-minded people – those who enjoy being outdoors, exercise and working – so conversations never dry up. Whether you walk with us in the city or in the countryside, you’ll always have something to talk about.

“In typical networking, you don’t always get people who listen to what you are there to say – they’ve got their lines and just want to throw them out. On a walk, you actually get to listen and be listened to.” John Knott, director at Zola Systems Ltd & freshwalker

Time on Your Side

Business breakfasts and roundtable events have a short lifespan. You also have to recite a pitch in 30 seconds, making you more robot than human.

Our hikes can take up to eight hours (or more on our most difficult walks). So you can take your time with conversations.

This also allows you to be as introverted as you like. You can spend time alone musing over your conversations and sights thus far before speaking to another freshwalker.

All that extra time also means you don’t just do business. You gain good entrepreneurial advice and learn from inspirational stories:

“You get to know the person and not their job title.”Andrew Ramwell, director at Know+Do Ltd & freshwalker

Networking Doesn’t Have to Feel Like Work

Freshwalks is a networking event you can look forward to. Join us this summer for walks with cute dogs, spectacular views, memorable shared experiences and lasting connections.

You can find out more about upcoming walks here.