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Calling all Recruiters – Seven Signs Adam Recruitment is NOT for You

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Finding any old recruitment job is pretty easy.  Finding a new recruitment job with a company that’s perfect for you is much harder.  And gaining real insight into a recruitment company’s culture is a rare opportunity.

But here at We Are Adam, we’re a helpful bunch.  Which is why we’ve set out what we consider to be the seven sins of recruitment.  Before you pick up a pen or adjust your CV, read on to work out if we’re a match made in heaven.


Do you drool over your competitors’ clients without putting a plan in place to win them?  Covet that stack of perfectly-matched CVs piled on your colleagues’ desk?  Or does your lust tip into stalking candidates who have told you repeatedly that they’re not interested in moving?

If any of these apply to you, don’t apply to us.

Don’t get us wrong – we love passion.  But we only like to work with people who can channel it in a positive way.

Our teams use their enthusiasm to drive them forward and keep delivering the right results for our clients.


At We Are Adam, we like to stand out for all the right reasons.  And there are certain behaviours we just won’t tolerate.  Greed is one of them.

If it’s all about the money rather than putting your clients’ best interests at heart, take We Are Adam off your dream job list.

We know our people represent our business, brand and values.  Which is why our focus on long-term relationships over short-term gains is key to our longevity and reputation.

A fixation on commission means your attention isn’t where it should be.  Focus on your clients’ and candidates’ needs and the commission will come.  Get distracted by greed and you’re less likely to succeed, meaning reduced income for you and your employer.

should you work at adam


If your focus is on KPIs, you take the easy road and only target actively-seeking candidates.   While this might provide a glut of CVs, it doesn’t always mean you’ll find the best people for the job.

While keeping an eye on performance is important, we like to balance this with meeting candidate and client needs.  Which means dragging your eyes away from the KPIs and expanding the search pool to target passive candidates who are often a better fit.

Our recent employee survey identified “KPI monsters” as a bad fit for Adam, as these comments from the survey show.

kpi monsters


The top service we provide to our clients doesn’t come easy.  It takes hard work, strong communication and an unerring focus on our clients’ deliverables.

None of this can be achieved if you take short cuts.

Like sending standard, spammy emails to your candidate list for every open position.  Not only is it ineffective but it causes more work in the long run, kills your employer’s brand and undermines your own credibility.  Making it harder for you, and everyone else on your team, to garner credibility.

At Adam, we do things the right way – even if it’s more difficult and takes longer.  Personalised, targeted emails, proper conversations where we listen to our clients’ needs and long-term relationship-building all contribute to the success of our business.

If you’re a team player who tends to pull your own weight, you’ll be just fine here at Adam.  But if you constantly go your own selfish way and fail to support colleagues, you’ll be miserable.

If the latter sounds like you, step away from the application form.


There’s no denying it: recruitment can be pressured.  Getting people into organisations at short notice or dealing with candidates who pull out at the last minute can be tough.

But that’s no excuse for slamming down a phone or trying to force someone into a role they’re not comfortable with.  In fact, being pushy or aggressive is a great way to tarnish your own, and the client’s, reputation.

As our employee survey identified, cheerful, confident, open people will do well at We Are Adam.


That’s because these are the kind of people clients and candidates want to work with.  Not a recruitment partner that has to resort to strong-arm tactics.


Are you someone who shoots down the achievements of your colleagues or bitches behind people’s backs?  Then please don’t apply.

At We Are Adam, a success for one is a success for us all.  Which makes our office environment a pleasant place to work.

As the word-cloud below demonstrates.  Generated from the responses to our employee survey, it highlights just how important supporting team-mates, inclusivity and openness are for our team.

Our people


Pride comes before a fall, said somebody, somewhere at some point in time.

Think you know everything and you’ll fail to listen to your customers and really understand their challenges and needs.  Or you’ll focus on your strengths and ignore your weaknesses.

This prevents you from adjusting your style or seeking out new learning opportunities which means your personal development stands still.


As the image above reveals, at Adam we love to keep moving forwards.  And our leadership team’s guidance, support and open-door policy helps us improve our skills to better help our customers.

Our pride links to our passion for our work but we don’t let it tip over into arrogance.  As one of our team says, we don’t want “cocky, arrogant, ‘look at me, aren’t I great’ types”.

If you think your values match our own, and none of those seven recruitment sins applies to you, we’d love to hear from you.

To find out more about joining Adam, contact Peter on 0161 359 3789 or via email at