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How Sprints Can Help You Solve Problems and Motivate Your Team

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The pressure on marketers to perform better and deliver faster has never been greater. Which means operating efficiently, flexibly and keeping your employees invested in your business is critical. One way to hit the sweet spot, and meet all three aims, is to take an agile approach to marketing. This article explains how sprints can improve your working practices and the benefits for your business.

What Is a Sprint?

Developed by Google Ventures, agile working combines the best bits from multiple management solutions in a method called ‘sprints’. Adopted by a range of businesses worldwide, sprints move from problem to design to prototyping and testing within five days.

Google ventures have used this approach to optimise mobile app registration, improve e-commerce conversion rates, make complex medical data clear, and now marketing organisations are working in this way too. That’s because holding a series of sprints provides incremental gains and competitive advantage.

Sprints follow this tried and tested structure:

  1. Warm up
  2. Day one – problem definition
  3. Day two – problem-solving
  4. Day three – solution critique
  5. Day four – build a prototype
  6. Day five – customer feedback

Benefits for Improving Processes

Marketing teams no longer have the luxury of crafting campaigns over several months and when a process is broken, it needs to be fixed quickly to enable the team to operate efficiently.

The main benefits of agile marketing are:

  • It drives efficiency
  • It provides a structure that drives cultural change
  • It requires minimum investment

The People Benefits of Agile Marketing

While agile marketing practices are great for business, they’re good for your people too. Businesses that adopt this approach find they improve:

  • Cross-Functional Team Learning
  • Employee Engagement
  • Accountability

Marketing departments who consider themselves agile are three times more likely to significantly grow market share. With improved business performance, enhanced employee engagement and increased adaptability on offer, agile marketing could be the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for.

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