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Recruiters: Will You Fit in at Adam?

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We recently conducted an employee survey to find out exactly what our team thinks about working at Adam. I know what you’re thinking, no one really answers honestly in these things because they’re worried what the boss might think. But this survey was completely anonymous, so we’re pretty confident the results give a true perspective of what it’s like to work here.

What really stood out from the results was the comments around the team and overall culture of the company. There were also some pretty scathing views about the type of recruiters that simply would not be welcome here. So, if you’re looking for your next move in recruitment and are considering whether Adam is the right fit for you, read on to find out from your future fellow colleagues, what they think about working here and whether you will fit in.

What are the best things about working at Adam?

At Adam, our people are our priority and we aim to make working here a joy. We want our team to love their work, be well paid for it and be part of our exceptional vision. Teamwork and collaboration is the cornerstone of our approach but we aim to give our people the autonomy to work how they want. Everyone is trusted, respected and supported to achieve their goals. Here’s what our consultants said were the best things about working for Adam:

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A snapshot of our culture

But that said, working here requires exceptional individuals and our team will be just as quick to identify those that don’t fit in as our leaders. We asked them to tell us what four personality traits are required to work at Adam and here’s what they said:

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Would you fit in at Adam?

When asked the personality traits that would make someone NOT fit in at Adam, the team wasn’t shy. These are all traits that we look to identify in our hiring process so, needless to say, if your colleagues don’t think you’ll fit in, we won’t either. You could be the best recruiter in the world but if any of these traits ring true to you, then perhaps you’re best suited to one of our competitors.

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As a company, we are very picky about who we bring into the team. We have an extensive hiring process that has been honed to ensure we only recruit good people, who are excellent at what they do but also fit our culture. As our team described, this ethos ensures that working here is enjoyable, fun and above all rewarding, both financially and professionally.

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