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Helping Charlie secure the perfect position

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​Charlie Wrigglesworth has many years’ extensive experience in Communications, and after finishing up a contract at a major broadcaster, she was looking to settle down into something new and exciting that would put her skills to good use.

Unfortunately, Charlie’s contract had come to an end in the midst of 2020, during the height of the pandemic. This made her job search much harder and more exhausting than ever, having a negative impact on her mental health. Constant applications and interviews, followed by nothing further, was beginning to wear her down.

After a particularly long week of exhausting interviews, her phone rang at about 4pm. It was our very own Susannah, who had spotted Charlie’s CV online and thought her an excellent candidate for a role that she was recruiting. Exhausted from her long week, Charlie almost immediately said no…


“I just really clicked with her…”

Upon answering the phone to a ‘lovely Irish lady’, it didn’t take Charlie long to click with Susannah. After hearing about the role - an Internal Communications Manager position at a well-respected, established healthcare manufacturer - she felt drawn to it. Something about both the role and the business deeply appealed to her.

Between August 2020 and February 2021, Charlie had been dealing with many different recruiters and recruitment agencies and was starting to get fed up. It didn’t take her long to realise that Susannah and the rest of the team at We Are Adam were different.

“Susannah was the first recruiter that was fully invested in me, and willing to fight for me,” Charlie says. “She made me feel something that the other recruiters didn’t have, and she tailored everything to me.”


“If she didn’t think that I would be a good fit, then she wouldn’t waste my time.”

What really stood out to Charlie about Susannah is just how intuitive she is. Susannah will not waste anybody’s time and really does her homework, both on the candidate and client for whom she is filling a role.

Throughout the entire process, Susannah made sure to check in with Charlie regularly, giving her little tips and tricks to help her secure the role she wanted. They worked together to make sure that she was as prepared as possible before every interview, booking in specific time to practice. They even went over interview techniques from start to finish, covering every base possible.

“I’ve never had that before! I was prepared in a way that I’ve never been prepared before, and I learnt so much from that process,” she tells us.


“I had interview fatigue. I almost gave up!”

When she was approached about this role, Charlie had ‘interview fatigue’, almost giving up on her job search altogether. The process with We Are Adam came at just the right time, helping boost her confidence. Charlie felt like Susannah was always cheering her on and providing useful feedback that was always on-point. There was no messing about or false hopes.

“She could sense my fatigue and went out of her way to do what she could to support me,” Charlie says of Susannah.


“It felt like working with the whole team.”

Whilst the majority of Charlie’s interaction with us was through Susannah, Charlie says that she could always tell that there was a full team of support behind her, rooting for her to do as well as she possibly could.

Charlie could tell right away that Susannah wanted to advocate for her from the very first conversation. Susannah invested her time into her candidate, and all of the preparation was above and beyond what she had experienced with other recruiters. Charlie never had to chase for feedback and got responses to every question she had.

“I almost felt like a client myself, not just a candidate!”


“It’s the perfect match.”

Now well and truly settled into her new role, Charlie is happier than ever and doing incredibly well.

“I feel that it is such a good match,” she says, “the people I work with are lovely, and the job itself is great. I don’t feel like I had to ‘settle’ for a role at all!”

Now looking towards the future, with a new baby arriving imminently (Congratulations, Charlie!), we are thrilled to have matched a fantastic candidate with a brilliant business.


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