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A Day in the Life of a Recruiter

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Recruiters are up there with car salesmen and estate agents. We’re all liars and would sell our grandma if it boosted our figures. Or at least, that’s what LinkedIn would have you believe. As part of our Day In The Life of Series, we thought we’d let you in on an insider secret … what do recruiters REALLY do?!

Most people are aware of our existence, but few people really know what a recruiter does. We’ll start with a caveat. There are bad apples in every cart! You’ve probably had a pretty poor experience with at least one recruiter in your career. But being a recruiter is so much more than just collecting and then sending on CVs to a client, it’s about interviewing, screening, headhunting, and relationship building. A good recruiter not only helps candidates find jobs, but also helps businesses grow, flourish, and reach their ambitions by introducing them to candidates that can help make it happen.

A recruiter builds and nurtures long-term relationships with both their clients and their candidates. These relationships are built on honesty, knowledge, trust, and a LOT of listening – in fact, our consultants believe that listening is one of the most under-rated skills a recruiter can possess. When it comes to candidates, we should be good listeners, giving advice and genuinely caring. For clients, a recruiter needs a good, solid understanding of the organisation’s culture, challenges, and what skillsets are required, as well as a network of active and passive candidates to search through.

Whilst recruiters can sometimes get a bad reputation, the majority are hard-working and dedicated to their jobs. Here at We Are Adam, our recruiters love what they do and work hard to place the right candidates at the right businesses. And we don’t just mean the right role – we take care to place candidates at organisations that will be a cultural fit for both parties. We believe in the power of #TransformingLives.

“I like to think that we have a holistic and tailored approach to recruitment.”

– Susannah Tavartkiladze, Senior Consultant at We Are Adam

Does being a recruiter sounds like your ideal role? We spoke to our consultants and have put together a snapshot of an average day in the life, so you can see if it really is the right career for you…


An early start, but you want to get a head start on your day! You spend your first hour drinking your coffee as you catch up on your emails that have come in overnight. You also use this time to hop onto LinkedIn to check out the latest industry news and insights, as well as to touch base with some of your key contacts.


By this time, most of your colleagues have also started work, so you all take some time to catch each other up on news. These quick catch ups in the morning help keep the entire team up to date on market news, as well as celebrating each other’s personal wins and helping each other solve problems.


Now you’re back at your desk, you block out some time to catch up with clients, either by Teams or a quick phone call. During this time, you’re not only updating them on any roles that you are currently working for them, but also catching up on general business and sharing any market insights you believe would be useful to them.


It’s time to find some great people! One of your clients has sent you a job brief that you’re excited to fill – a Head of B2B Marketing for a SaaS company. Because of your strong network, you already have a couple of names in mind, but you also want to see if you can find some new candidates too. After making yourself a coffee, you spend this time reaching out to people, and teeing up Teams calls with them to have a proper chat.

1pm – Lunchtime!


You’re fed, watered, and it’s time to crack on. This afternoon you’ve blocked out your diary for candidate interviews across a few different roles. You undergo a comprehensive, in-depth interview with your candidates, outlining the role and the company and seeing if they are a good fit.


Once you’ve finished your interviews, you make a start on compiling a shortlist of the ideal candidates to send over to your client. It will take you a few more days before you have completed your shortlist – you want to make sure you have done an extensive search and screening process before it’s complete! These candidates are highly screened, and you’re careful to only put forward the ones you believe are a perfect match.


The last hour or so of your day is spent touching base with your key contacts. Spending time building real relationships with your clients and candidates not only helps you be a better recruiter but is also a huge reason that you love your job!


Home time! You’re tired but invigorated by another day spent matching great people to great businesses. Time to head home, relax, and get ready for another busy day tomorrow!


On the way home you get a call from a client who you missed earlier. They’re looking to hire a Digital Project Manager, and they need them in sharp-ish! You jot down their requirements and make a note of a few names. First thing tomorrow, you already know who you’re going to call.

Your Dream Career?

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