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Adam takes a fresh approach to connecting people

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We’re delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with Freshwalks, the netwalking group on a mission to get Manchester’s business community walking more. For those of you who don’t already know Freshwalks, it’s a day (or sometimes half) out of the office in the depths of the Dark Peak, covering all manners of terrain, some serious distance and in all kinds of weather! There’s always a great crowd full of interesting people and if you like, a cracking pub meal and well deserved drink at the end of the hike. Sound good so far?

Importantly, there’s no better way of wrapping together strenuous exercise, meeting new people and allowing yourself an opportunity to periodically check out of the rat race. Here at Adam, we recognise that senior executives in particular are putting themselves under more and more pressure, driven by the out-of-office demands of technology. A day in the wilderness of the moors is the perfect antidote; a chance to reflect, a chance to share business and even personal challenges and proven by science, a chance to think more creatively. With your mobile phone even switched off for once.


We know for a fact this health and wellbeing message is also close to many of our client and candidates’ hearts. To perform well in the workplace, you need to be physically and mentally equipped to do so. Stress and the risk of burnout is truthfully never too far away from the busy minds of marketing and creative types. We believe it’s much better for a business, or individual, to take a preventative approach to this issue than a reactive one.

Richard Gahagan, CEO, Adam commented: “I’ve really enjoyed a number of hikes myself and am delighted to sponsor Freshwalks. There is such an obvious connection between the challenging nature of these hikes and our own business mantra of ‘Achieving Aspirations’. Both taking on a Freshwalks route and effectively progressing a career journey require steely determination and ultimately lead to a shared sense of achievement. We are 100% committed to the mental and physical wellbeing of our own colleagues and want to inspire other businesses to follow in our footsteps, quite literally.”

But of course, we shouldn’t forget that connecting (and understanding) people also lies at the heart of Freshwalks and ultimately this is what we do here at Adam

The lack of distraction and glorious scenery are conducive to intimate conversations that really allow participants to dig deeper with each other. As part of our sponsorship agreement, we have a limited number of free places for each walk and we’d love to share some of these with our fabulous clients.

Jon Woodall, CEO of Magento e-commerce specialists, Space48 attended a recent Freshwalks and had this to say:“The last few months had been incredibly demanding, both personally (having become a father for the second time) and within the business, managing through some exceptional agency growth and the international development of MageTitans. What a superb outlet Freshwalks proved to be as I was able to switch off for the day, chat with other business owners, allowing myself the time and space to think clearly. And the pie and pint at the end weren’t half bad either!”


Michael Di Paola, Founder of Freshwalks commented “I must say a huge thank you to the Adam team for getting behind Freshwalks. The positive feedback to date has been overwhelmingly positive but in order to improve and grow the offer (adding more dates and new routes in 2017), we really needed a trusted partner on board. Adam is a perfect match, being a business that understands the power of both connecting and looking after people.”

So if you like the sound of Freshwalks, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at to check on availability of our allocation for these forthcoming dates and beyond.

27 JanuaryHope to Edale (Easy)

10 FebruaryEdale to Kinder Downfall (Medium)

24 FebruaryRoute TBC (Easy)

10 MarchGlossop to Bleaklow (Hard)

You can find out more at or follow @Freshwalks on Twitter.