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5k. 31 Days. 11 People.

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So after pushing a few different ideas around, the team at Adam have come together and decided that we are going to do to do a challenge for October. 5k a day, every day for the whole of October, 5 kilometres a day, 35 a week,  155 kilometres a month. We can run, walk or crawl if we really want too – Rain or shine!

And for those ‘injured’ swimming or cycling will also be allowed.

To ensure that missed days are punishable, the rule is if you have a day off it’s going to cost. If you miss a day, you add £5 to the Just Giving page.

We understand that the Wonderful British Weather can be the main cause of the dreaded Man Flu (or the sniffles to those strong women) so we will allow the 5k to be completed on a treadmill – on occasion.

What are we doing it for?           

Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital is our organisation’s Charity. We partake in many events over the course of the year to raise funds to help this amazing Charity.

The Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital provides specialist healthcare services for children and young people throughout the North West, as well as nationally and internationally.

The hospital sees 220,000 patient visits each year across a range of specialties including oncology, haematology, bone marrow transplant, burns, genetics, and orthopaedics. With 371 beds it is the largest single-site children’s hospital in the UK.

The hospital has a dedicated National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) / Welcome Trust Children’s Clinical Research Facility on site, which runs complex inpatient clinical trials and that’s where you come in.

How can I help?

We need your help to raise £1000 over the course of October. Now for one person to do 5k a day, that’s £6.40 per kilometre, every day for the whole month that we need to raise. Thankfully we have 11 meaning that its’s £0.59 per kilometre, per day. It also means as a group we will be running a whopping 1,705 kilometres over the October.

You can donate via our Just Giving page here and follow all the action over on Twitter and Facebook.