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Changing the conversation about Recruitment

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Recruitment is one of many industries that is often complained about in the business world; whether that’s because a recruiter didn’t respond to your application or you’re flooded with calls about roles you would rather fill yourself.

There is also a pre-conception about working in a recruitment agency. As with many industries there is a stereotype, and its’ pretty much that of a scene from ‘Wolf of Wall Street’. The word ‘recruitment’ summons up images of suited hard-face consultants glued to their phones and ringing bells when a deal goes through. This isn’t always that case though and this particular stereotype is damaging to the industry as a whole.

Working in recruitment is not always that Wolf of Wall Street experience. Times have changed and now there are opportunities to work in an environment that is not KPI driven – where it is not just about the end result, but how you get there.

If you don't like people are saying, change the conversation - Don Draper

To use the words of fictional creative genius Don Draper, if you don’t like what people are saying, change the conversation. At Adam, that is what we are trying to do.

We are always looking for dedicated, talented individuals for fantastic opportunities in our London and Manchester offices, fancy joining a team where the opportunities are endless?

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