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Staying Healthy in the Workplace

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In a world where it is now paramount to look after yourself as much as your finances company and loved ones; it’s becoming increasingly easy to forget to take time out for yourself.

The trials and tribulations of the workplace are often made easier by excellent time management, organisation and a willingness to learn plus a healthy mind-set.  Exercise is a great way of relieving the stresses of a hard day in the office. You’re probably aware of the negative consequences of remaining sedentary for too long. Health studies recommend breaking up the 7.7 hours each day we spend sitting (not including sleep) with periods of movement and exercise.

You can help yourself even by keeping in shape and eating the right food. This may seem like common advice, but how many of us actually carry this out in practice?

Joining a gym can be the first step to success, but many see it as a hurdle and never get around to doing it. Truth is gyms aren’t really that expensive and many offer special rates for businesses. Have you ever considered sharing a membership? Once you actually get started the Internet is a great resource for fat burning workout plans. Also, be sure to check out classes, you can trycircuits or spinning and get the most out of an hour, as well as enjoying the benefits of training alongside likeminded people.

Holiday is another big one; when was the last time you actually had a proper ‘go-off somewhere’ break for a week or longer. I’m not talking booking the odd day or 2 off. If you haven’t had a vacation in six months or more-you absolutely must take one; that holiday allowance isn’t going to carry over! Not only will you be better at your job, more engaged at work, happier and better connected with your family-it can be amazing for perspective and finding purpose.