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Why a Recruitment Consultant should be your best friend

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The standard role of any recruitment agency and consultant is to match the ‘right candidate’ to the ‘right role’. As we are the party in the middle, recruitment consultants work tirelessly for both parties and have a lot of exposure to different types of people. Quite often the views can be very split on recruitment consultants. Like any industry there are good ones and bad ones. I think the key to getting what you want out of a recruitment agency is to try and develop a strong working relationship with your dedicated account handler. From CV submission to (hopefully) placement, you need to be able to communicate with a consultant who properly understands your needs & career aspirations.


You may be wary of engaging with a recruitment agency/consultancy in the first place, but there are many benefits:


  • More opportunities which won’t be advertised online
  • You’ll be better prepared for interview, as the consultant will know the hiring managers exact requirements
  • Saves time on your job search


The steps to really developing this relationship are quite simple and mutually beneficial; you get a new, better role and the consultants get the feel good factor of finding someone and transforming their life for the better, with a brand new, exciting, autonomous role and pay rise.


Open communication is the first and perhaps the most important factor in developing a strong partnership between candidate and consultant. Understanding the candidates needs is paramount to placing them in their dream role, this why it’s so crucial to lay down expectations so early on in the process, it allows us to build up a profile of you.


Next, make an effort. Recruitment Consultants will be inundated with a whole raft of CVs weekly, so treat it like sending a CV to a direct employer, you want to send the very latest copy of your CV in, with at least an explanation of your situation on email. Any consultant worth their salt should make an effort to meet you in person, work with us here to get something in the diary. At ADAM, we make it our business to meet all our candidates we represent so we can TRULY understand what they are looking to achieve in their careers and what roles and businesses are going to suit them.


Be ‘contactable’. In this day and age the market moves so quickly, so when you have a good opportunity that comes up, all parties need to act quickly to avoid disappointment. When a new role comes live, there is an instant excitement. Every consultant is trying to get his or her best candidates booked in for an interview and in front of the employer. If you aren’t in communication, you could miss out on an interview slot and before you know it, the job could be taken before you even have the chance to sell yourself.


Getting recruiters to work proactively for you will be massively beneficial to your job search and the more faith and time you invest in them, the more the relationship will flourish over the years & who know, you might even become pals. Once they understand your requirements and have a good idea about what kind of professional you are they may be able to dig out those ‘hidden gems’ of roles you would have missed yourself. It’s about honesty and building up trust between the 2 of you.