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Should recruitment be more like Tinder?

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Comparing any form of ‘business’ with the mobile matchmaking application, Tinder, might seem odd, but the core functionalities of the app are very relevant across the board.

On Tinder you get matched with ‘potential’ dates based on a like for like system; you post your picture, age and name, and are shown photos of possible dates in the right age range who are nearby. If you like them you swipe right; if they like you too then you can start to message each other.

The concept I have is for a similar system, with recruitment.

Why not have an app where you post a basic profile:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Desired Salary
  • Brief work history
  • Key Skills/Achievements

From a candidate perspective, those on the lookout for a new role would see a job spec, which they could click into. On the employers side they’d see all the candidates applying for their roles and could swipe left or right. That could then reveal a candidates phone number or bigger CV paving the way to further conversation. This could help quickly rout out those with long-winded CVs as you’d have to initially sell yourself on 1 profile page.

Although it might seem like a fast and loose approach, it would vastly cut down on the swathes of CVs some employers have to deal with and ‘matches’, could be higher quality in the long term.

What are your thoughts, can a dating app like Tinder work in other industries?