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The Digital Commute

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Our whole society and way of living is quickly succumbing to thedigital age, smarter smartphones, wearable tech and cloud storageare all well on their way to becoming necessities.

The daily commute still remains an essential part of our workinglives, but just how will tech affect the many ways ofcommuting?


Cycling to work remains one of the most popular ways to travelto and from work, but what can cycling enthusiasts look forward toin the future?

Hovding: The invisible bikehelmet- A revolutionary piece of technology. Worn around the neck,the device will deploy an airbag like cover around your head toprotect you from anyfall. The best thing, it can easily become part of your outfitwith its changeable shell.

Hammerhead- the companyhave raised $190,000 through crowdfunding, from its initial targetof $145,000.The device simply clips onto your bike and simply usesLED indicatorsto guide you, preventing you from getting distracted and allowingyou to enjoy your ride.


Google-the recent GoogleMaps update has added Gatwick to street view allowing you to fullynavigate Gatwick’s North and South terminals and trace your stepsbefore you even arrive


Hyperloop- designed by ElonMusk’s and revealed early this year by the PayPal founder. Hisdream commuter device is a pod blasted through a tube at speeds ofup to 760mph usingmagnets and fans. He’s proposing to run it between San Franciscoand Los Angeles, cutting the 380-mile journey time to about 30minutes. Impressive?


The Dash– Pegged as theworld’s first wireless ‘smart’ headphones. The Dash incorporatesfeatures designed to be used while working out.

It includes features like:

  • A sound or sensor trigger could alert emergency services, allthe while transmitting your vital readings and position.
  • Could be used by firefighters to monitor their health andimprove communications.
  • Identifies infections or injuries in combination with 3rd partysensors by using sensor fusions.
  • Allows communication with a foreigner by having theconversation translated on the fly
  • Usable as a prompter during presentations
  • 4GB storage space for music on the device

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