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Attitude vs Skill

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7 skills and attitudes which will push you on to greater success

1. Admire your competitors–It may seem like an odd one to start off with, but it’s a key skill which many people will overlook due to a complacent attitude`. I’d always recommend avoiding negative feelings if a competitor finds a solution a client is looking for, as this will lead to a downturn of productivity. Instead, I’d suggest you take note of their success, how they managed it and how you will try to emulate them in the future.

2. Accept setbacks, this is part of your job– If everything went our way, we’d eventually become complacent. Failure isn’t something to be ashamed of; even the best perfectionists may occasionally fall down. Embrace these setbacks as just another part of the challenge. The key is to learn from these setbacks to help you to succeed.

3. Understand your own personal motivation– Spend time to work out what motivates you and why. What does it mean to you if you achieve your goals? Motivation should be a tap which is constantly on and when it is needed more,the flow can be increased.

4. Celebrate your successes– This is really important. Never brush a personal victory off. Take time to enjoy the moment and create a strong memory and if you ever need inspiration again, recollect those positive emotions to drive you to success.

5. Ignore negativity-This goes without saying really, but it’s often a hole we fall into and let it drag us deeper. Don’t allow others to influence your belief in a bad way and be vigilant to the subliminal affects they may have.

6. Set clear, ambitious and achievable goals– The most simple on the list, set a target,believe you can achieve it and go for it.  And once you have achieved it, savour the success.

7. Take time to visualise your goals-Ensure you truly believe you can meet a target that you have set yourself. Imagine the feeling you’ll get if/when you achieve said targets.

Here’s to a successful year, hope you manage to over-achieve against all your own personal goals.