TRANSFORM is right for you if …

There are substantial changes on the horizon for your organisation.

Change is notoriously difficult to manage. Human beings will change all the time to keep things the same. We naturally thrive in the familiar. Successful business transformation needs structure and support, which is where we come in.

​​How Can We Help

No Bull

No Ego

Learn things you don’t already know. Gain an edge over your competitors with industry insights and market intelligence.

Expand your reach in the industry, as our network becomes yours. Our candidates become clients, and clients become friends.

Our consultants take joy in bringing your story to life. We are your advocates in the marketplace.

We don’t sugar coat and we promise to always tell you how it is; the good, the bad and the brilliant.

It isn’t about us. Expect an exceptional service that puts your business needs first.

TRANSFORMATION comes in many guises.

The one commonality with transformation is hiring and attrition. Whether you are impacted by a reluctance to change or need to bolster your team with additional headcount, talent attraction often plays a large part in this process.

  • Organisational changes

  • Investment

  • Acquisition

  • Redundancies

  • New leadership team

  • Management buy out

  • Rapid industry changes

  • Brand transformation

  • Systems implementation

  • Recruit to amplify success and add exponential value

What You Can Expect from We Are Adam.

We’re experts at supporting businesses, large and small, through periods of rapid and significant change. Our experts will meet you (face to face or via video call) to gain an understanding of your transformation project. We like to discuss how the changes will contribute to the wider business plan to get under the skin of your requirements.

You can utilise our benchmarking service to make informed decisions before committing to a recruitment campaign. We can provide market intelligence and plug the knowledge gaps of your internal recruiters. Our TRANSFORM service operates in tandem with your existing team, providing additional resource to free up their time.

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