The Future of Work 2020 Part II

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When we launched Part I, we were naively optimistic that Part II would look at how we've begun to return to 'normal', and explore the changes businesses have made. How wrong were we?!

The reality is that the UK is facing the potential of another national lockdown. Cases and hospitalisations appear to be rising, and news has broken that immunity to COVID-19 doesn't last very long. The economy is stumbling, and government attempts to boost it seem to be falling short at present. Reports of an increase in mental illness have come at a time when dark nights are rolling in, looming heavy over us all. So how we can counter it? What lessons have been learned so far in 2020 that we can use to combat these tricky times?

In Part II, we are joined once again by our partners my2be as we round up friends from the Manchester community and experts from around the world to discover what they believe will be The Future of Work.

You'll find:

  • Advice on supporting staff who have returned from furlough

  • Latest trends on office space and remote working

  • Guidance on separating work from home and keeping a good balance

  • The power of Mentoring

  • Insights on remote management and how technology can propel your business

  • How the UK stacks up against other countries from around the globe


We take a look into the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 in the UK, including its' influence on the gender pay gap and the BAME community.

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