You are ready to STRENGTHEN if …

you’ve spotted an opportunity to develop your existing team.

Whether you’re a start up looking for your first team, are scaling up thanks to an injection of cash or have a robust strategy for rapid growth, you’ll need support to hire quickly and effectively.

​​How Can We Help?

No Bull

No Ego

Learn things you don’t already know. Gain an edge over your competitors with industry insights and market intelligence.

Expand your reach in the industry, as our network becomes yours. Our candidates become clients, and clients become friends.

Our consultants take joy in bringing your story to life. We are your advocates in the marketplace.

We don’t sugar coat and promise to always tell you how it is; the good, the bad and the brilliant.

It isn’t about us. Expect an exceptional service that puts your business needs first.

STRENGTHENING your team happens in many ways.

Strengthening your team doesn’t just mean hiring. You could:

  • Build an internal team including Recruitment & HR, Leadership and C-suite

  • Utilise our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service to scale-up your hiring plans without an internal team

  • Move from start up to scale up and recruit for strategic rapid growth

  • React to macro issues such as COVID, Brexit and Recession or market shifts like retail to ecommerce

  • Boost your onboarding process with personality testing to assess team fit and set new employees up for success

  • Appoint We Are Adam to fulfil confidential hiring for sensitive roles

  • Plan your talent pipeline by constructing a pre-emptive talent pool

  • Coach and develop your leaders to improve your recruitment processes

  • Enrich your employee lifecycle by integrating robust Equity, Diversity and Inclusion policies

What You Can Expect from We Are Adam.

Our senior head hunters are renowned for their success with C-suite roles. We’ve seen first-hand the devastating impact the mis-hire of a Director or Chief Exec can have on an organisation. Unlike other agencies, our Directors work on Executive briefs, recruiting on a peer-to-peer level and giving us an unrivalled understanding of your needs.

Our extensive process means candidates are rigorously vetted before a shortlist is presented. We do the deepest dive into your industry and related sectors to unearth the very best talent, providing a detailed 'market map' of live data specific to your requirements. We collate valuable insights such as employer brand perception and salary expectations to give unrivalled intelligence into your position in the marketplace.

As an RPO, our knowledge and reporting is unparalleled. Our data analytics makes demonstrating ROI a breeze. Our marketing team generate eye catching social posts, craft stand-out advertisements and can even produce a bespoke candidate pack to tell your story. We do all the hard work, so you don’t have to.

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