Episode 10 - EJ Flynn

Adam Asks...What can business leaders learn from the new generation of superstars?

EJ Flynn is Managing Director of the Supper Club, an organisation for high growth entrepreneurs post-startup with typical turnovers from £1m £250m. She works with business owners at all stages of their business journey. From those running their first business and just reached the £1m turnover mark to those with private equity-backed £40m plus turnover businesses and everything in between.

EJ joined us to tell us about the challenges many of The Supper Club's members face and shares insight into what some of the highest performing businesses are doing differently. In this fascinating discussion with Adam Founder, Leon Milns, EJ shares the importance of having a solid 'vision' and a plan on how you're going to achieve it, why culture and values are imperative to profitable growth and what business leaders can learn from the new generation of superstars. She also reveals how the best performing business leaders are continually improving their leadership skills, how they are building high-performance leadership teams and the importance of systemising.

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