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Operations Director

My path to Operations Director isn't a typical one.

Despite being very academic, I left uni after 3 months. I'd started a media degree and thought industry experience was more valuable than a qualification. Which is true, if you can get your foot in the door, but it didn't go that way for me. Falling back on what I knew, I got a job in retail and worked my way to Store Manager before deciding I was sick of working weekends!

A brief stint as a Recruitment Consultant made me see that my strengths lay in a support role, which is how I ended up at Adam. In 2015 I took an Administrator role and set to work carving out my career. I knew this was the place I wanted to stay - somewhere I could add real value and would allow me to mould the role into what I wanted it to be. 2021 saw me start the year as Operations Director and I'm excited to see where we can take the business as we embark on the next leg of our journey.

I'm often hidden behind the scenes at Adam, having an impact in the areas you don't necessarily see - HR, IT, process improvement & systems management etc. However, you'll also find me all over Adam's marketing - from producing blogs and whitepapers, to podcasts and YouTube videos - along with my right hand woman, Kimi!

I'm a creative at heart and you'll typically find my covered in paint or glue like a toddler. I like to think I've improved my craft skills a little over my 30+ years though. I sing for fun too, but haven't been on stage in a few years. There are some videos knocking around still from my time in a Happy Monday's tribute. My current big project is restoring our 1972 VW T2 campervan and I'm often found out in the countryside on long walks at the weekends!