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Chief Wellness Officer

​I am one of the newest additions to the Adam team, and quickly bounded into the hearts of everyone here. My role at Adam is to make sure that the team are happy, healthy, and having plenty of fun whilst they are in the office … and tormenting my owners when they're stuck at home with me 😉

My favourite part of the job is my hourly check-ins with all of the staff – I have to make sure that they are as happy as can be at all times! I also help with the hiring process. I am a very good judge of character, so my opinion on potential colleagues is important!

One of my best skills is my ability to put a smile on absolutely anybody’s face just by looking at them. I am very good at this, and believe that this makes me an invaluable member of the team. I also enjoy welcoming new people into our office, and making sure that the pigeons don’t come too close to the windows. I achieve this with my incredibly scary barking skills.