​Head of Media

The Head of Media, sometimes known as a Media Director, is in charge of all media campaigns for the business, from inception to delivery. They will also lead the Media team.


  • To help design and implement media campaigns for the business

  • Determine the best outlets for promotional strategies for the business

  • Monitor all campaigns, online and offline

  • Report regularly on the results of all campaigns

  • Optimise strategies for various channels and audiences

  • Create and review budgets for advertising

  • Collaboration with the Marketing Director/Head of Marketing

  • Ensure cohesive messaging across campaigns and channels

  • Leadership of the Media team

Expected Skills & Qualifications

  • Extensive knowledge of all types of media channels, on- and offline

  • Several years xperience as a Media Planner or similar role

  • Proven experience building effective campaigns

  • A good knowledge of digital marketing

  • Experience in budgeting and KPIs

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Good knowledge of analytics tools and the ability to manage data

  • Strong decision-making skills


The average UK annual salary for a Head of Media is £59,000. This can rise to around £68,000 in London. A Head fo Media in the north of England can expect approx. £51,000 per year. Annual bonuses are common for this role, alongside other benefits. (Glassdoor, March 2022)

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