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Digital Marketing Manager in Manchester or London | About the Role

As a digital marketing manager you could work for an organisation, an agency or as a freelance contractor who manages ad-hoc campaigns.

It is your role to contribute to the development of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for an organisation which drives the growth of its products or services in terms of market reach, brand awareness and profitability, and implement it at a departmental level.

Typical Responsibilities for the Digital Marketing Manager

As a digital marketing manager, your responsibilities will vary widely depending on the scale and needs of your employer or client, however most will expect you to fulfil the following:


As a manager with departmental responsibilities, you will need to be a strong leader who can use your digital marketing knowledge and expertise to inspire and motivate the personnel under your supervision and delegate tasks which capitalise on their creative and technical skills.

You will be required to source, recruit and retain high-calibre personnel and oversee their appraisals, training and professional development.

You may also be required to act as a representative of your organisation or employer at industry events and conferences and contribute regular content for a company website or external publications to promote your services.


You will be a fresh, conceptual thinker who can generate ideas and oversee the development of creative and original content including ads, videos, infographics and copy which is optimised and distributed effectively across various digital marketing channels to achieve campaign objectives.

Furthermore you must keep your knowledge of the latest consumer trends and digital technologies up to date to ensure your campaigns remain relevant and engaging in a fast-paced, competitive environment.

Project Management

As the digital marketing manager you may be tasked with developing and implementing several campaigns for your employer or client at any one time and will need exceptional project management skills to ensure that the day-to-day tasks which need to be undertaken to achieve long-term business goals are achieved on time and within budget.

You will need to develop, monitor and revise campaigns, manage budgets and establish clear, measurable performance targets and action plans for a paid and organic marketing mix that increases traffic, conversions and audience engagement.

To ensure targets are met, you must be a skilled communicator who can collaborate with and direct the workloads of the SEO and PPC executives, copywriters, designers and sales and marketing personnel tasked with achieving them and provide timely campaign progress reports for senior management.

Salary Range

Depending on the requirements of your employer, your experience and the region you work in, as a digital marketing manager you could expect to earn £20k to £47k+, plus benefits and bonus packages.

Skills & Qualifications

  • In-depth knowledge of digital marketing tools, techniques and technologies

  • Project and personnel management

  • Excellent organisation and time management

  • Excellent verbal and written communications

  • Budget management

  • KPI and ROI focus

  • Commercial insights

  • Creative and analytical thinking

  • Report writing

  • Flexibility to travel or work outside regular office hours


Formal qualifications are not essential for this role but a degree or equivalent professional certifications in marketing, business management or communications are desirable.

Experience & Career Progression

You will need to demonstrate a successful track record of project and personnel management, an in-depth knowledge of digital marketing strategies and a passion for all things digital.

Career Progression

As a digital marketing manager, you could work in almost any industry and enjoy career progression into any of the following roles:

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