It's here! 2023 Salary Survey

12 months on from our first Salary Survey, we once again find ourselves in an uncertain situation. Whilst many of the figures we’ve uncovered are familiar, the motives behind them have drastically changed. Responding to the rise in inflation and subsequent cost of living crisis, securing a pay rise has become the number one priority for our jobseekers. Things like a great culture, strong benefits package and clear career progression are expected to come along with better take home pay.

58% are unhappy with their basic salary
46% are actively seeking a new role, with another 26% considering new opportunities
30% are looking for a higher salary – the biggest motivator for a move in 2023

What you’ll find inside:

  • Key trends and data including why people are looking to move, what pay rise they’d look to secure from their next role and how long their notice periods are.

  • C-suite and Executive level insights including how we expect the market to move and what salaries are needed to secure great leaders for your business.

  • An even bigger breakdown of salaries across our core specialisms; Digital, Marketing, HR and Agency.

So whether you’re preparing your hiring plan for 2023, or hoping to negotiate a pay rise, we hope you find the data in this report useful. But remember, these are national averages and salary is a highly nuanced topic. Contributing factors that cannot be accounted for are location, industry, experience and business size amongst many others.

This report is intended as a guide to help you understand the market as a whole. For a more detailed review of your specific circumstances, give the team a call on 0161 359 3789 or drop us a note at where we’ll arrange for someone to reach out. We can support you with anything from a sense check on your current career trajectory to providing a full data-backed analysis of your people and hiring function.

Happy planning!