2022 Salary Survey

Would you like to participate in our 2023 salary survey?

Over the past few years, we've seen HUGE events rock the world of talent acquisition. Brexit. Pandemic. Mass redundancies. The death of the traditional 9-5. The birth of agile working. A global skills shortage. The Great Resignation. All those talent headaches have caused a perfect storm. The good news? Salaries have soared. The bad news? It's not enough.

59% of people are NOT satisfied with their current earnings.
47% are actively seeking a new role, with a further 28% considering new opportunities.

33% of respondents believe they can earn more elsewhere.

What you'll find inside:

  • ​Key market trends

  • C-suite & Executive level insights

  • A breakdown of salaries across all our specialisms: HR, Marketing, Digital and Agency

  • Data on key metrics such as average notice periods and gender pay gap

We hope you find the data in our 2022 Salary Survey report useful - whether you are negotiating a pay rise or looking to benchmark a role for recruitment. Just remember, these are average salaries only, and you'll find many variations in the 'real world' depending on industry, experience, business size etc.