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With a commercial environment increasingly dependent on web services, skilled web developers are in demand as full-time employees or contractors for ad-hoc projects.

About the Web Developer role

With a commercial environment increasingly dependent on web services, skilled web developers are in demand as full-time employees or contractors for ad-hoc projects.  At Adam we have a range of web developer jobs for experienced and junior staff.

It is your role to design, maintain and develop functional websites and applications that satisfy the needs and expectations of personnel or consumers and contribute to the operational efficiency and profitability of your employer or client.

Typical Web Developer Responsibilities

The responsibilities of a web developer vary between organisations but they generally fall into four main categories:

Digital Expertise

Although the specific requirements of each employer will vary, people successful in finding web developer jobs will be expected to have a sound working knowledge of web browsers, HTML, CMS, responsive design, CSS, JavaScript and AJAX, and a good understanding of how the application of each digital system can add commercial value to a business.

Furthermore, in a fast-paced, rapidly developing field, you will need to participate in training and proactively take the initiative to increase your knowledge of web systems and their business applications.

Problem Solving

You will need a flexible, imaginative and solution focussed approach to all aspects of your work. The tasks you undertake will be varied and may include the development of new websites, the assessment and upgrade of existing ones or the integration of digital applications or hardware into the workplace environment.


You will need to be a strong team player and a skilled communicator who can collaborate on technical and creative web projects with your colleagues. In addition, part of your role will require you to liaise with personnel across various organisational departments and external agencies to identify business needs and discuss technical solutions to them using clear, non-technical language.


As a thinker, designer, developer and problem solver, creativity will underpin everything you do.  You will be relied upon to design user-friendly, visually engaging websites, pages or applications for business personnel or consumers which encourage and support interaction and drive growth in terms of market reach or e-commerce sales.

Salary Range

Depending on your skills, experience and the location you work in, web developer jobs can provide you with the opportunity to earn between £16k and £36k, plus enjoy various benefits and bonus packages.

Skills & Qualifications

  • Strong IT skills are essential, particularly in HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript

  • Excellent organisation and time management

  • A logical and methodical approach to development and design

  • An understanding of W3C web standards and protocols

  • Attention to detail

  • Strong team player

  • Creative and inquisitive thinking

  • Problem solving

  • Ability to work under pressure

  • Flexibility to travel or work irregular hours


There are no formal qualifications required for this role, but a HND or degree in an IT related subject, professional certificates of training or the ability to clearly demonstrate your passion and skill for web development are all desirable.

Experience & Career Progression

If you are the graduate of an IT related discipline, your academic experience may be suitable for entry-level web developer jobs but most employers will look for evidence of project management experience, including a portfolio of websites you have previously built and developed.

Career Progression

As a skilled and experienced web developer, your career could progress into any of the following occupations:

  • IT Project Manager

  • Software Developer

  • Software Engineer

  • Software Programmer

  • IT Consultant

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