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Typical Software Developer Responsibilities

As a software developer, you may work for an employer or independently as a freelance specialist. Your role is to design, build, test and develop software that improves the functionality of databases, programs and applications and enable businesses, users and machinery to operate efficiently. You responsibilities may vary extensively depending on the organisational structure and scale of your employer or client, but your duties in most software developer jobs generally include the following:


Your role is a technical one and business personnel will look to you for expertise. You must have a sound knowledge of coding and programming languages such as Java, C++, C#, .NET, PHP and Python and an understanding of how they can be used to solve problems in a commercial context.

As such, you must be able to understand complex data, have an eye for detail, locate and resolve programming bugs, test new software for compatibility with existing platforms, install them efficiently and maintain systems and security in line with organisational needs and requirements.

You must also be willing to undertake training and take a proactive approach to improving your technical skills and furthering your own professional development.

Project Management

At any given time, you may be expected to work on several software programming projects and will need excellent organisational skills. You must be able to review the performance of existing software, identify opportunities to enhance it, calculate the costs and resources needed to implement changes and ensure that any works are completed within a given timescale and budget.

You will need to take an analytical and methodical approach to tasks, keep accurate records of any testing, development or changes you undertake and produce progress reports for any relevant departmental or management personnel.


In order to improve software functionality, you will need to be a skilled communicator who can work closely with technical and non-technical staff to understand business needs, discuss ideas, identify challenges and develop software solutions to overcome them.

You may also need to support, supervise or further the professional development of other IT staff and develop user-friendly instructional manuals that enable personnel to use new systems to their full potential.

Salary Range

The average salary offered in software developer jobs ranges from £20k to £50k plus benefits and bonus packages which vary according to your level of skill, responsibility and the location you work in.

Skills & Qualifications

  • A sound working knowledge of software, hardware and programming languages is essential

  • Excellent organisation and time management

  • A structured and methodical approach to technical tasks

  • Attention to detail

  • Good communication and collaborative skills

  • Creative and analytical thinking

  • Problem solving

  • Project Management

  • Report writing

  • An ability to work under pressure alone, or as part of a team

  • Flexibility to work outside regular office hours and travel for work


Specific qualifications are not essential for this role but a HND or degree in a relevant subject such as computer science or engineering, business information systems or mathematics is desirable.

Industry qualifications from Microsoft and Oracle or certificates from professional bodies such as the Chartered Institute for IT or the Tech Partnership will strengthen your application.

Experience & Career Progression

Some employers may offer a graduate training programme but most will expect significant workplace experience, evidence of successful project management and a genuine enthusiasm for the role.

Career Progression

As a skilled and experienced software developer in a fast-paced industry, your career prospects are good and you could progress from entry level software developer jobs into a senior technical or managerial position in any of the following roles:

  • Web Developer

  • Software Engineer/Programmer

  • IT Project Manager

  • IT Consultant

  • Software Architect

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Building Your Career in Manchester

Ian, Brown, Lead singer of the Stone Roses and Manchester Icon once said, “Manchester’s got everything except a beach.” That may be true, and although it does have a fair bit of drizzle, don’t let that put you off. Manchester is thriving and is a becoming a business powerhouse, which unsurprisingly is creating vast opportunities for those looking to develop their careers.

Working in Manchester

A hub for banking, insurance, fashion, property, construction, retail and hospitality, a thriving tech scene and some of the most creative and exciting agencies in the UK, means job opportunities are in abundance at all levels. Companies like Google, Amazon, Freshfields, LLP, and Microsoft have all opened offices in the city, in addition to the arrival of the BBC at Media City. This continual arrival of big businesses has brought a wealth of job opportunities, establishing it as an economic powerhouse. You can see the effect on the city’s skyline with more property being constructed than anywhere else in Europe.

Living in Manchester

From a lifestyle point of view, Manchester has a lot to offer. It’s big enough to provide amazing job opportunities and still small enough for you to feel part of the community. You can bump into someone you know when walking across the city. Manchester has a vibrant culture, an affordable living cost and a good dose of edginess along with an amazing bar scene, restaurants to die for and excellent shopping. If live music is your scene, you’ll find something exciting any night of the week. Prefer the countryside? You’re just a stone throw from some of the UK’s most beautiful locations including Derbyshire, the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales and North Wales. All of which are within an hour or two’s drive meaning you’re spoilt for choice. Plus, it’s at least 30% cheaper than living in London with just as many opportunities on your doorstep.

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