Social Media Manager

About the Role

As a social media manager, you may work for an employer, a marketing agency or as a freelance consultant.

Often responsible for a diverse range of products or services, it is your role to develop and manage creative, engaging social media campaigns which increase brand awareness, extend market reach, build relationships with consumers, and enhance the public image and reputation of your organisation or client.

Typical Responsibilities for the Social Media Manager

Your responsibilities could vary widely depending on the scale and needs of your employer or client but most will expect you to fulfil the following:


You must be an organised, analytical and creative thinker with a strong understanding of how the application of different types of content across different types of social media outlets can be utilised to support business goals, and how their effectiveness can be tracked, analysed and refined.

Your knowledge, combined with thorough research of the market, its competitors and consumer trends will be integral to the development of an organisational social media strategy which you will be responsible for putting into action and reporting to business leaders on.

As a departmental leader, you will be required to recruit, retain and motivate personnel, delegate tasks and ensure that the day-to-day activities required to achieve your campaign objectives are delivered on time and on budget.


Your research, analysis and management skills will be balanced by creativity. You must be able to devise and implement imaginative, visually engaging, compelling content campaigns that strike a chord with an audience and extend market reach.

You will be responsible for leading the development of creative content, videos, images and infographics that generate likes and shares and which have a strong call to action that drives consumer engagement and translates into commercial growth.

Relationship Building

You will need to be a skilled communicator who can work closely with personnel in a variety of internal departments and external agencies to clearly express your ideas and garner the collaborative efforts of all parties to work towards a clear content strategy.

You must be able to develop a clear brand voice and ensure that it’s applied consistently across all social media platforms and audience interactions in order to build relationships, satisfy consumer expectations and enhance the reputation of your employer or client.

You may also need to be an effective public speaker who can represent your employer or client at industry events and conferences.

Salary Range

Depending on the requirements of your employer, your skills and the region you work in, you can expect to earn £18k to £40k+ as a social media manager, with additional benefits or bonus packages.

Skills & Qualifications

  • Excellent leadership skills

  • Superior knowledge of social media platforms and the effectiveness of different content types distributed across them

  • Excellent organisation and time management

  • Attention to detail

  • Creative and analytical thinking

  • Commercial insights

  • Problem solving

  • Relationship building

  • Budget management

  • Report writing

  • Flexibility to travel or work outside of regular office hours


Qualifications are not essential for this role but a degree or equivalent professional certificates in marketing, communications, business management or sociology would be advantageous.

Experience & Career Progression

You will usually need a minimum of 3 years’ experience in a social media and management role and be able to demonstrate a successful track record of campaigns that you have developed and implemented.

Career Progression

As a social media manager, your knowledge and expertise make you a strong candidate for career progression into any of the following roles:

  • Search Manager

  • Head of Social Media

  • Director of Social Media

  • Creative Director

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