B2B Content Marketing Manager

Location England
Job Type Full time
Salary £40000 - £60000 per annum
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We are excited to be partnering with Space48, a UK Leading E-Commerce Agency, and are helping them find a talented Content Marketing Manager to join them.

Have a read below of what they're looking for and if you are interested we'd love to have a chat!

The Role....

You are a Strategic Content Marketer who'll lead our content marketing activities to support
our market positioning, grow our brand in the digital commerce market and build and nurture a strong, qualified pipeline of new business opportunities.

What You'll Be Doing....

It's not set in stone and it may change from week-to-week, but it gives an idea of what is expected from the role.

-Creating Content (50%)
You'll be spending the majority of your time creating content (blog posts, whitepapers, case studies, podcasts, video, email) managing the publishing process, coordinating with contributors, building Space 48 events (in person and virtual) and supporting our attendance at industry events aligned to a publishing and activity calendar.
You'll be engaging primarily with the expert ecommerce folk in our team to promote our capabilities, knowledge and experience and working with our partners to create joint marketing and content opportunities.

-Marketing our Content (30%)
You'll be responsible for promoting, marketing and syndicating (through our partnership
network) our content out to the major social media platforms, publishing houses, PR and industry content platforms.

-Opportunity Management and Reporting (20%)
You'll support the activation of early stage top of the funnel pipeline through the development of a playbook to regularly communicate with our leads and opportunities.
You'll maintain our CRM data to ensure it is up to date and correct.
You'll run reports to show how our marketing activity is translating into reach, brand growth and live opportunities.

Knowledge and Experience....

Essential Knowledge and Experience:
● First and foremost you're a creative person, with very strong written and verbal
communication skills.
● You'll be a generalist, with skills and experience in multiple forms of media publishing
(content, audio, video) and be capable of devising and adopting a tone of voice to support
various approaches to content publishing.
● Experience in the development and/or implementation of a complete B2B content
marketing strategy.
● Knowledge and experience in the publishing of content on Wordpress (or similar)
platforms as well as onward marketing to all major social media platforms (Twitter,
LinkedIn, Instagram, Medium and Youtube).
● Extremely organised and experienced in working to tight deadlines with the ability to
manage multiple workstreams, working with suppliers, partners, customers and our
internal teams.
● Experience of creating strategies to engage and activate top of the funnel prospects using
content and other strategies.
● Attention to detail, commitment and desire to complete a consistently high standard of
● Experience in a similar content led growth marketing role.

Desirable Knowledge and Experience:
● Ecommerce industry experience an advantage
● Degree qualification or equivalent an advantage but not necessary
● Previous experience with PPC and SEO in a B2B context
● Experience using Hubspot or similar platform

Your Responsibilities....

● Create and implement a B2B content marketing plan to generate leads and build the
Space 48 brand.
● Work with our partners and our internal team to regularly publish content to an agreed
schedule to our website, social media channels and beyond.
● Devise Space 48-owned and partner events (web and live) from idea to execution to post
event attendee nurture.
● Maintain our CRM and support our Digital Commerce Consultants in early stage
● Build and implement a content-led, multi-touchpoint nurture programme for top of the
● Analyse effectiveness of our activities to continually improve our go to market.


This is a fully remote position, however preference will be given to candidates based in Europe.

Our Mission, Vision & Values....

Our Mission is to create more human and compelling ecommerce experiences.
Our Vision is to provide our customers with standout service and support, and lead change in our industry

Our Values are:
● We work together
● We take ownership
● We thrive when we learn
● We go beyond
● We do the right thing.

But what does all of this mean ?
Our mission, vision and values are guiding principles which give us clear focus and direction. They help us to learn, to grow and to succeed, both individually and together as a group.

The outcome of 41 hours of meetings, workshops and focus groups; countless decisions and
discussions, our MVV are special because they were created by our team for our team. They
reflect where we want Space 48 to go, how we want it to get there and how the culture and
environment should feel along the way.

We don't want it to just end up as 'words on a wall' though and we need to work together to keep the momentum going and bring it all to life. It doesn't matter what your role is, everybody has an important part to play. Maintaining our positive, collaborative culture is really important and if you're invited for an interview, we'll be looking for evidence that you'll be a good fit - not just from a skills perspective, but from a cultural and values perspective as well.