​Internal Recruiter

As an internal recruiter, you will usually work for an employer or agency although you may also work as a freelance advisor.

It is your role to develop a thorough understanding of your employer’s current and future business operations and ensure it is equipped with a skilled and productive workforce by sourcing, attracting, assessing and recruiting talented personnel who can add value at every level of the organisation.

Typical Responsibilities for the Internal Recruiter

As an internal recruiter, your responsibilities will vary depending on the scale and needs of your employer or client, however most will expect you to fulfil the following:


The core function of your role is recruiting personnel. You will work closely with HR, departmental managers and business leaders to ascertain their current and future human resource needs and source employees for them in compliance with all policies, procedures and employment laws.

You will need to develop a clear understanding of both the industry and the specific vacancies you are recruiting for and choose the most appropriate and cost effective means of sourcing candidates with the right skills.

To do this you will need a sound understanding of recruitment methods and interview techniques and be able to adapt your approach to suit the specific vacancies you need to fill.

Project Management

Maintaining a skilled workforce requires excellent project management and organisational skills.

You will need to ensure that as employees resign, retire or relocate to other areas of the business, or as the needs of an organisation change, any gaps in the workforce are filled promptly and operations are smoothly maintained.

You will need to use a variety of direct and indirect approaches such as posting job ads in print or digital media, conducting CV searches online, liaising with recruitment agencies or job centres and gaining referrals from existing employees in order to fill vacancies and build a bank of candidates that may be suitable for future openings.

You may also need to organise or attend job fairs and run assessment centres for large recruitment campaigns.

In addition to sourcing and recruiting personnel, you will also need to manage all associated administration such as obtaining references, DBS or medical checks, arranging induction or training sessions and keeping accurate employee records.


Being able to communicate effectively and build relationships with internal personnel, external agencies and job applicants is vital to this role.

You will need to liaise with recruitment agencies, job centres, head hunters and educational institutions, enable applicants to feel at ease and able to demonstrate their skills during interviews and use every interaction as an opportunity to enhance the reputation of your organisation as a quality employer.

Furthermore, you will be required to inform individuals about the outcome of their application and provide constructive feedback in person or in writing.

You may also be required to develop induction and training materials for new starters and prepare reports on the progress of your recruitment strategy to senior personnel.

Internal Recruiter Salary Range

Depending on the requirements of your employer, your experience and the region you work in, as an internal recruiter you can expect to earn a salary of £17k to £41k+, and enjoy various benefits and bonus packages.

What skills do you need to be an Internal Recruiter?

  • Recruitment and interview skills

  • IT skills

  • Excellent verbal and written communications

  • Project and budget management

  • Commercial insights

  • Relationship building

  • Attention to detail

  • Ability to work under pressure

  • Report writing and ad creation

  • Flexibility to travel or work outside regular office hours

Qualifications for an Internal Recruiter Role:

Formal qualifications are not essential for this role but a degree in HR or business management, or the equivalent professional certifications from the CIPD are desirable.

Experience needed to be an Internal Recruiter:

You will generally need 1-2 years’ experience in a HR or recruitment agency environment and be able to demonstrate your knowledge of recruitment methods and employment law.

Career Progression:

As an internal recruiter you could find work in almost any sector and enjoy career progression into any of the following roles:

  • Head of Recruitment

  • HR Manager

  • Head of Talent Acquisition

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