YouTube Series The Future of Work

Back in June, we released our first Future of Work report. When the pandemic arrived on our doorstep many businesses had to find a new way to work ... and fast. We are now over 6 months into our new world and it is becoming abundantly clear that we will never return to the way things were before.

Join us as we collaborate with experts from across the UK (via Zoom of course), exploring the options available to us, both as individuals and as organisations. We'll be discussing everything from the financial, environmental and mental wellbeing impacts, to how a business threatened with closure could pivot in order to survive.

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Grab your copy of the report here.

  • Image 2020 10 30 T16 41 45

    Pelorus Co-Founder, Jimmy Carroll joins Richard and Adam in Episode 1 of our Future of Work Youtube Series

    * Adapting to travel embargos
    * Lessons from the military
    * Embracing opportunity

  • Image 2020 11 05 T10 13 34

    Helen Fleet, a strategic Financial Consultant joins Richard and Adam in Episode 2 of the series.

    * Making your business robust

    * What gov changes are needed

    * Planning for the next 6 months

  • Image 2020 11 10 T18 17 06

    Ian Hutchings, Owner of Vita Safety joins Richard and Adam in Episode 3 of our Youtube series.

    * H&S and Wellbeing

    * How to implement gov guidelines

    * Taking care of your employees

  • Image 2020 11 18 T11 05 24

    Culture Design expert, Vimla Appadoo, joins Richard and Adam in Episode 4 of the series.

    * Our unique opportunity
    * What real diversity looks like
    * Real, thriving remote cultures

  • Image 2020 11 23 T16 54 48

    Tom Cheesewright, Applied Futurist and published author, joins Richard and Adam for Episode 5.

    * The challenges Tom foresees

    * What new developments to expect
    * How businesses can adapt

  • Image 2020 11 27 T11 23 22

    David & John of USE MCR join Richard and Adam for Episode 6 of the series.

    * The need for flexible spaces
    * The power of a community
    * Entrepreneurialism to rebuild MCR

  • Image 2020 12 02 T16 46 58

    Jodi Hamilton joins Richard, Peter and Adam for our final episode.

    *Remote managing & onboarding
    * Career advice for young people
    * Rebuilding our local communities

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