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Software Engineer Jobs

Although employment opportunities are primarily available in the IT, electronics or telecommunications industries, any organisation that relies on computers to conduct its business could employ your services as a full-time member of staff or as a freelance contractor.

Software Engineer in London or Manchester | About the Role

In software engineer jobs it is your role to assess the effectiveness of existing computer programs and applications, liaise with users to troubleshoot problems, identify business needs and then engineer and integrate new technical services and solutions to them into the workplace.

Typical Software Engineer Responsibilities

Although the scale of your responsibilities will vary between employers, most software engineer jobs will expect you to be competent in the following:

Project Management

You must be a creative and critical thinker with good business acumen who can engineer new software solutions and manage projects from conception to completion.

You will take a methodical and analytical approach to project management and may be involved in every step of the developmental process. Duties may include the initial build of a new program, program testing to troubleshoot performance and compatibility issues, problem resolution and the calculation of any costs, resources and timescales required to complete any maintenance or installation projects.


You will have a sound working knowledge of databases, applications, RTOS, networks and computer languages and use your skills to refactor existing programs or engineer new ones to improve the performance and efficiency of an organisation’s personnel and/or its machinery.

Furthermore, in such a rapidly developing field, you must be willing to keep your skills and knowledge of new software, hardware and methodologies current and seek opportunities to utilise them to enhance operational performance.


Although you may work in isolation, a large part of your role will require you to collaborate on complex tasks with other IT specialists. You will also need to be able to communicate effectively with personnel from various organisational departments and external agencies to identify needs and discuss solutions to using terms suitable for your audience.

You may also need to review, edit or create user manuals that make software and all of its features easily accessible to users, and co-ordinate training sessions to support the integration of new systems.

Salary Range

In most Software Engineer Jobs your salary will reflect your skills, experience and work location. On average you could expect to earn £23k to £53k and enjoy various benefits and bonus packages.

Skills & Qualifications

  • Strong IT skills are essential, particularly in JavaScript, SQL, C++, C#, Python, RTOS and .Net, though requirements will vary between employers

  • Excellent organisation and time management

  • Excellent written and verbal communications

  • Numeracy and analytical skills are essential in Software Engineer Jobs

  • A logical and methodical approach to tackling complex tasks

  • Attention to detail

  • Strong team player

  • Problem solving

  • Ability to work under pressure

  • Flexibility to work outside of regular office hours or travel for work


Although there are no formal qualifications required to work as a software engineer, the role requires technical expertise and employers will look for individuals with a graduate degree in a relevant IT subject such as computer engineering, electronics or mathematics.

Similarly, professional qualifications and certificates of training are desirable.

Experience & Career Progression

A potential employer or client will expect you to clearly demonstrate your experience in software engineering and project management, though some may offer entry-level applicants graduate training opportunities.

Career Progression

Software engineers play a valuable role in many organisations and the demand for your skills and experience could help you progress from software engineer jobsinto any of the following roles:

  • Senior Software Engineer

  • IT Consultant

  • IT Project Manager

  • Software Architect

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