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Search Manager in Manchester or London | About the Role

As a search manager, you may work for an organisation or agency but could also work freelance as an advisor for ad-hoc projects.

It is your role to assist in the development of an organisational search engine management (SEM) strategy by researching, reviewing and analysing organic and paid search activities, identifying opportunities to improve their performance and implementing search campaigns at a departmental level.

Typical Responsibilities for the Search Manager

You responsibilities as search manager will vary depending on the scale and requirements of your employer or client, but they generally fall into the following three categories:


As the search manager, you will be expected to have an in-depth knowledge of organic and paid search marketing tools and their applications, and will be relied upon to inform the decision making of your senior managers, clients and marketing personnel.

You will be an effective leader who can direct, motivate and secure the collaborative efforts of individual specialists in SEO, PPC, content, social and design, and delegate tasks to ensure that search campaign performance targets are met on time and within budget.

You may also be involved in recruitment and should be able to identify, retain and nurture talent, facilitate training and conduct appraisals.


You may need to manage several search campaigns at a time and a strategic approach to all aspects of your research, planning and delivery is essential.

You must be a tactical, analytical and creative thinker who can research the market, identify opportunities and make efficient use of the latest organic and paid search tools and techniques to enhance existing search campaigns and implement new ones. Those strategies must be tested, monitored and revised where necessary to optimise performance and maximise ROI.


You must be a skilled written and verbal communicator who can work with business leaders, clients and marketing personnel to discuss business objectives, explain complex processes, establish performance goals and develop and implement effective search strategy action plans which are challenging yet achievable.

You will need to create style and search strategy guidelines for various marketing personnel and write progress reports detailing the effectiveness of your campaigns for senior management. You may also need to represent your employer or client at new business pitches or industry conferences.

Salary Range

As a search manager your salary will vary depending on your responsibilities, experience and work location but you can expect to earn £22k to £50k+, and enjoy additional benefits and bonus packages.

Skills & Qualifications

  • In-depth understanding of organic and paid search tools and methods

  • Strategic, analytical and creative thinking

  • Excellent personnel management and leadership

  • Excellent verbal and written communications

  • Budget management

  • Strong KPI and ROI focus

  • Problem solving

  • Relationship building

  • Report writing

  • Ability to work under pressure

  • Flexibility to travel or work outside of regular office hours


Although formal qualifications are not essential, it is usually advantageous to hold a degree or equivalent professional certifications in marketing, communications or business management.

Experience & Career Progression

As a search manager, you will be expected to demonstrate a clear, successful track record of search campaigns that you have planned, developed and implemented as well as experience of personnel and budget management.

Career Progression

As the search manager, your organic and paid search expertise could help your career progress naturally into any of the following roles:

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