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As a search director you will usually hold a senior position within an organisation or agency and may sit on the company board.

It is your role to establish, develop and oversee the implementation of an organisational search engine management (SEM) strategy which enhances the page rankings, awareness, reputation and profits – often of a variety of products, services or brands – across organic and paid search digital marketing channels.

Typical Responsibilities for the Search Director

Depending on the scale and requirements of your employer or client, your responsibilities as a search director will vary but they generally fall into the following three categories:


You will be responsible for the overall organisational search strategy and as such, must be knowledgeable in all aspects of organic and paid search marketing and be an effective decision-maker who is open to the ideas and input of others.

You will need to establish commercial goals and objectives for your organisation and/or its clients, approve and manage budgets, forecast results and develop strategic search campaigns that achieve the desired outcomes.

Much of your success will rely on the personnel under your supervision so you must be able to recruit, retain, train, motivate and appraise talented employees in SEO, PPC, content and social and create a high-performance work culture in which they are driven to deliver search campaign excellence.


The skills and knowledge you have garnered in your career to date will be relied upon by your colleagues, clients and employees to inform organisational best practice and the creation and development of robust search campaigns.

In a fast-paced, highly-competitive industry, you will need to maintain your skills and knowledge of the latest search tools and techniques, share your findings with relevant parties, produce user guides where necessary and facilitate staff training.


As well as being an effective leader who can communicate clearly with business leaders and marketing personnel, you must be able to be build relationships with clients and search partners like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Furthermore, you will need to be a skilled writer and speaker who can represent your organisation at conferences and trade events to raise its profile and establish it as an industry leader.

Salary Range

Depending on your responsibilities, experience and the location you work in you can expect to earn £44k to £100k+ as a search director and enjoy generous benefits and bonus packages.

Skills & Qualifications

  • In-depth knowledge of organic and paid search tools and techniques

  • Technical expertise

  • Analytical, tactical and creative thinking

  • Excellent written and verbal communications

  • Excellent organisation and time management

  • Inspirational and effective leadership

  • Confident and engaging public speaker

  • Relationship building

  • Attention to detail

  • Flexibility to travel, potentially overseas, or work outside of regular office hours


Formal qualifications are not essential but a degree in marketing, business management, economics or communications, or evidence of equivalent professional certifications are desirable.

Experience & Career Progression

To become a search director you will generally need 5 or more years’ experience of personnel and budget management, be able to demonstrate exceptional knowledge of SEM and provide evidence of a successful track record in search campaign development and execution.

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