Recruitment Consultant

Recruitment Consultants work to attract candidates for job vacancies, matching them to their clients’ permanent or temporary positions. They work to understand the personal aspirations, skill sets and personalities of each candidate to gain a better understanding of what client may suit them best.

A Recruitment Consultant role includes a lot of personal networking, headhunting and referral based tasks. You’ll also be responsible for screening and interviewing candidates before they begin the recruitment process, running background checks before determining their suitability to the client base.


Recruitment Consultants typically report to a Senior Recruitment Consultant or Recruitment Manager. This role may also fit within the HR department of a larger business or organisation. As a Consultant in a recruitment agency, you’ll form the key link between candidates (job-seekers) and clients (potential employers.) Should you accept an in-house Recruitment role, you’ll be actively seeking out new talent to join the various internal teams within an organisation.

To be a successful Recruitment Consultant, you must have a thorough understanding of both the candidates’ and clients’ objectives and outlooks.

  • Using digital marketing techniques to headhunt potential candidates

  • Interview and screen potential candidates before recruiting them

  • Reviewing applications and generating shortlists

  • Cultivate positive personal relationships with candidates

  • Work with the client base to understand respective industries and business cultures

  • Advertise client vacancies and distribute the news using various forms of media

  • Organise interviews for candidates, at the client’s request

  • Work to exceed targets set by the employer

Expected Skills & Qualifications

Entry level Recruitment roles are generally open to all candidates with a degree, regardless of what area they studied in. In this profession qualifications are valued second to personal traits such as drive, determination and communication.

  • Good sales and negotiation skills are essential for this role

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills are also vital

  • Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously

  • Ambition and drive to succeed

  • Empathy, the ability to appreciate candidates situations and personalities

  • Time management and organisation

  • Energetic and enthusiastic about recruitment

  • Comfortable when working as part of a team


The average salary for a Recruitment Consultant in the United Kingdom is currently around £20,000 per year. The entry-level salary currently averages at around £16,000 per year. More experienced candidates can hope to earn upwards of £29,000 per year plus bonuses. This role typically includes a bonus structure based on high performance.

Career Progression

Following on from a successful stint as a Recruitment Consultant, and with the relevant years of experience behind them in this role, you will typically progress upwards into a Senior role within the consultancy or HR department. After this point the natural progress will see you work your way into a Recruitment Management or Head of Recruitment role. Some recruitment agencies specialise in recruiting for certain sectors, and this may give you an opportunity to advance your career into a specialist area.

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