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HR Manager in London or Manchester | About the Role

A Human Resources Manager supervises and manages the overall provision of human resources services, policies, and programmes for a small to mid-sized company, or manages part of the human resources function within a large company, working within guidelines and strategies set by senior management.

The HR Manager’s responsibilities vary from organisation to organisation, but are likely to include:

  • Recruitment

  • Induction of new employees

  • Performance and productivity monitoring and management

  • Employee relations

  • Employee rewards and benefits

  • Grievances and disputes

  • HR policy documentation and enforcement

  • Employee safety and wellbeing

  • Company-community relations

  • Employee training and development

  • Fostering a culture that promotes employee retention by helping them to feel motivated and rewarded

  • Company compliance with employment law and all relevant regulations

  • Informing senior management of any developing HR problems

  • Managing HR information using the appropriate technology

  • Managing and monitoring employee absence

Requirements for the role

Suitable candidates will have the relevant CIPD qualification, plus experience in an HR role and IT literacy, with knowledge of HR/payroll systems and databases. You should also have good written and spoken communication skills, good interpersonal skills and the ability to manage time and prioritise work efficiently.

Progression for HR Managers

HR Managers tend to work in teams, however the skills you demonstrate as part of a team are transferrable into future roles such as Head of HR and HR Directors. Directors tend to be kept for larger organisations or often cross into Operations Director roles so if you’re a HR Manager in a large company, you can look towards these job titles for direct progression. Outside of this however, your ability to work to guidelines, working with people and showing management skills can be transferred into many different areas if you would choose to. HR Managers are very flexible when it comes to progression and should consider all avenues when thinking about a future career.

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