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HR business partnering is a model which can be implemented into a business’ HR structure. Generally speaking, HR Business Partners are responsible for connecting the objectives of a business with the management and employees in coordinated business sections.


They act as a consultant to management on human resource issues, bridging the gap between employees and business management. HR Business Partners work to create solutions that champion the changes employees wish to see, but they do so without jeopardising any key business objectives. Here’s a full breakdown:

  • Conduct regular meetings with business sections within your section

  • Communicate regularly with line management to provide HR direction and input

  • Work with HR Analysts to analyse trends in HR data, and use this insight to develop new policies

  • Conduct thorough investigations into employee grievances, and manage employee relations issues

  • Consult with the organisation’s legal department or advisors where applicable

  • Encourage strong relationships within the workplace by implementing strategies to boost morale

  • Input on contract terms when the organisation hire new staff, or promote employees

  • Input on organisation restructures and how these may best accommodate employee needs

Expected Skills & Qualifications

Any candidate for the role of HR Business Partner will be expected to have relevant experience working in HR for a large organisation, primarily with multiple stakeholders. This should be coupled with a current knowledge and understanding of key Human Resource issues and trends. Here’s a full breakdown:

  • Strong oral communication skills, being able to communicate with a range of people within an organisation. This also includes the ability to present sound, well-reasoned arguments

  • An ability to persuade people in a way that brings about a positive agreement for all

  • Strong written communication skills, producing exemplary reports on work done

  • Sound initiative and an acceptance of responsibility for decisions made

  • A commitment to the objectives and values of the organisation

  • Adaptation to different work environments and situations, with an ability to appreciate alternating perspectives

  • Manage your own emotions and viewpoints in the face of pressure

  • Able to simply complex problems and provide implementable solutions based on HR data


The average salary for a HR Business Partner in the United Kingdom is currently around £40,000 per year. The entry-level salary currently averages at just under £30,000 per year. More experienced candidates can hope to earn upwards of £50,000 per year.

Career Progression

Most people who resume the role of HR Business Partner tend to stay in the position for a lengthy period, as it offers sound personal development opportunities and a wealth of experience before making the step up to senior management roles. Dependent on the place of employment there may also be great opportunities to specialise in a specific HR sector. Progression is often defined by the number of people within the business so if a candidate has performed well and taken on the skills necessary, then they will have the ability to make the step up.

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