HR Analyst

A Human Resources Analyst captures, processes and analyses key data with the purpose of reporting on key HR trends. The HR Analyst role is generally an entry-level position.

Competent HR Analysts use strong interpersonal skills and an eye for data to continually push for HR policy improvement.


HR Analysts are responsible for flagging, and subsequently helping to solve any HR-related issues within a business or organisation. They are are required to analyse and evaluate report data, then relay any problematic findings to a line manager. HR Analysts also take up an active role in the implementation of changes and improvements to the organisation’s HR policies alongside a HR Manager or Head of HR. Here’s a full breakdown:

  • Conducting thorough research into HR data relating to the place of work

  • Performing analysis of the data and presenting key findings back

  • Maintain or establish a standard reporting template or dashboard for key data

  • Engage in report discussion with management, to put recommendations forward and plan future projects

  • Assist management in the implementation of new or updated HR strategies

  • Provide guidance for junior team members and look to impart knowledge where possible

  • Ensure that all projects comply with internal Data Privacy regulations and guidelines

  • Reviewing employee and candidate data, processing the data into specific databases

Expected Skills & Qualifications

A business degree qualification or equivalent is generally required when applying for a HR Analyst role. Most employers will expect candidates to have gained at least one years’ experience in the field of HR prior to the application. This can include sectors such as recruitment, finance or administration.

Candidates will be expected to possess a strong ability to navigate and process spreadsheet information, most commonly through Microsoft Excel. Microsoft PowerPoint skills are also desirable. Here’s a full breakdown:

  • Strong oral communication skills, including:

    • Strong interpersonal skills, being able to communicate with a range of people from a variety of different professions and backgrounds

    • The ability to present information strongly

  • Strong written communication skills, including:

    • Exemplary grammar and spelling

    • Translate data findings into presentable formats

  • The ability to conduct thorough and conclusive research

  • The ability to process clear reports based on the findings of a research exercise

  • The awareness to act professionally when dealing with confidential matters


The average salary for a HR Analyst in the United Kingdom is currently around £35,000 per year. The entry-level salary currently averages at around £24,000 per year. More experienced candidates can hope to earn upwards of £45,000 per year.

Career Progression

Following on from a successful stint as a HR Analyst, and with a wealth of experience behind them, candidates can progress upwards towards a management role in the team they are a part of. Progression is often defined by the number of people within the business so if a candidate has performed well and taken on the skills necessary, then they will have the ability to make the step up.

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