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Head of HR in London and Manchester | About the Role

Typically reporting to the Director of Human Resources or the director with overall responsibility for HR, the Head of HR is responsible for day-to-day management of the organisation’s people management functions. Specific areas the Head of HR supervises include:

  • Recruitment (in consultation with department heads)

  • Training, employee development and performance management

  • Workforce benefits and payroll support

  • Disputes and grievances

  • Employment law and compliance with regulations

  • Implementing agreed HR strategy in line with company policies and principles

  • Day-to-day management and development of the HR team

  • Workforce safety and wellbeing

  • Employee consultation and counselling

  • Helping to create a workplace culture that promotes high performance and empowers employees

  • Setting productivity and quality targets and helping the company to achieve them

  • Assisting and advising senior management on HR issues

  • Communicating HR policy to staff

  • Implementing agreed change management strategies

  • Implementing agreed redundancy and disciplinary policies and decisions

  • Providing employee reports and information for senior managers

Requirements for the role

The candidate should have significant experience in the HR field in a leadership position, be educated to degree level and be qualified up to CIPD Level 5 or equivalent. Experience in developing, shaping and implementing HR strategy is also important.

Progression within a Head of HR Role

Typically if you’re working in a HR department, the role is as busy as the number of employees that you have. Progression within a HR department is usually dependent on the number of staff your company employs. Being an expert working with people however, a sustained and successful career as a Head of HR opens many doors within the company. You’ve successfully grown the business through more employees or you have enriched the employees experience. As such this means you can almost choose your next role as you’ve demonstrated a wide array of skills such as managing budgets, managing people, using emotional intelligence, demonstrated commercial awareness and have been instrumental in keeping within guidelines. As such this opens many doors.

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