Episode 5 Tom Cheesewright

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Tom Cheesewright, Applied Futurist, steers us through a data-backed exploration of what the world will look like post-COVID. From workplace culture to marketing, new business opportunities and employee benefit trends, Tom shines a light on what he sees for the Future of Work. A whistle-stop tour into the mind of an Applied Futurist, Episode 5 crams a tonne of useful insights into a short, sharp 18-minute video, perfect for time-poor entrepreneurs and curious minds alike!

Meet Tom

An Applied Futurist sharing a clearer vision of tomorrow, on stage, on air, in words and in boardrooms. Tom helps global brands and industries to see what’s next. He tells compelling stories of tomorrow, and helps to build strategies for sustainable success, whatever the future holds. Tom is a published author, and has been interviewed on BBC, Channel 4 and Sky News, as well as featured in Entrepreneur.com and The Guardian among many others.