Episode 4 Vimla Appadoo

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Join Vimla Appadoo, Director of HoneyBadger and soon-to-be author of a book centred on culture Design, as we discuss the devastating effects COVID-19 has had on culture & diversity in the workplace. From tackling the challenge of keeping a culture alive remotely to calling out ‘fake’ business cultures in well-known companies, Vim and the guys also highlight the mountain of work that still needs to be done to make workplaces truly diverse. If you want to know how to make the most of the unique opportunity that COVID-19 has given us, you do not want to miss this episode!

Meet Vim

Vim is a design thinker, international speaker, and advocate for changing the way businesses think. She uses tech, design, and culture to align profit with purpose, boasting an impressive roster of household name clients.Not only that, she’s a multi-award winner, has been featured in just about every major publication AND founded SheSaysMCR and Northern Collective: Women in Public Space. Exhausted? Not Vim! In her spare time, she’s a mentor, support students into design careers among many others.