Episode 27 - Mark Boler

#AdamAsks... Does Building an Aspirational Business Come With a Personal Sacrifice?

Mark Boler is the founder of The Mere Golf Resort and Spa, and was the CEO until he sold the business in 2018. His father bought The Mere Golf and Country Club in 1984, and Mark took over running the business in 1997. Mark spent years developing plans to transform the business into a luxury resort and secured a £15m investment to make his dreams into a reality. The resort opened in March 2012, with Mark selling the business at the start of 2018.

Mark joins Leon Milns for #AdamAsks' first in-person chat since lockdown began to discuss Mark's journey from working for his father's business to overseeing the transformation of the country club into a full resort, and the effect that the journey had on his mental and physical health which led to him heading to rehab.

In this episode, Mark chats all about:

  • What it's really like to take on such a large business transformation project

  • How his dedication to his business led to a crisis point

  • How Mark uses his personal experiences to help others

  • The advice that Mark would give his younger self

  • Why he believes that people need to become more mindful about their wellbeing

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