Episode 25 - Derek Bishop

Adam Asks... Are Human Beings the most complex component of your business?

Derek Bishop is the Director of Culture Consultancy - experts in business culture, working with the leadership teams of global organisations to deliver sustainable performance improvements. Derek has over twenty years’ experience leading people and delivering results for businesses. As an expert on culture change, Derek returns to the #AdamAsks podcast to talk to Adam co-Founder Leon about the importance of good leadership and company culture as businesses attempt to return to normal over the coming weeks.

In this episode of #AdamAsks, Derek and Leon talk all about:

  • The ways in which Derek has seen different company cultures change after such an unprecedented few months  

  • The risks to company culture in the current climate, and why it is so important to your business

  • What business leaders should be doing going forward to help nurture their organisation’s culture and engage their teams

  • What the risks and challenges are to an organisation’s culture as workers return to work over the coming weeks and months, and re-integrating teams

  • The importance of strong, empathetic, and open leadership as workers return to work

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