Episode 23 - Martin Murphy

Adam Asks...How do you lead a team through an unprecedented crisis?

Martin Murphy is a former special forces soldier, international adviser and coach to leaders and teams. He’s also a speaker and author with vast experience in forming and leading high performing teams, both in the special forces and in the commercial sector where he trained special project teams worldwide to effectively combat terrorism and narcotics smuggling.

 Martin has a unique perspective on what makes great leadership in times of crisis.  At a time of unparalleled crisis for humanity and business alike, he joined us to share his experience and provide advice to business owners.  He covers:

  • Why, as a species, were not great at responding effectively to challenges which are in the distance

  • The 4 R's of resilience for leaders in uncertain times

  • What good leadership in a crisis looks like

  • What other traits leaders need apart from being 'level headed'

  • How to empower your team to help your business come out of this stronger

  • How to slow things down both emotionally and mentally so you can make effective decisions

If you're interested in the topics discussed in this podcast and would like to learn more, Martin is offering a complimentary digital copy of his latest book From Mercenaries to Missionaries.  Email ask@martinmurphy.coach to receive your copy.

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