Episode 22 - Chris Hyland

Adam Asks... What’s
the benefit of letting your employees own their own destiny?

Chris Hyland joins us on #AdamAsks to discuss why last 4 years has been a whirlwind of change both personally and professionally.

He shares about his incredible growth journey from a marketing graduate to seeking investors to purchase his thriving agency, 4Ps Marketing. He reveals the unforgiving process of selling his agency as he reflects on the lengthy transition process. Key highlights include:

  • The challenges of running an agency

  • The culture shock that results from times of huge transformation

  • The relentless transition period that preceded the sale

  • How change can create uncertainty and discomfort

Chris then discusses how the process impacted him personally. He touches on how scrutinising questions can lead to self-doubt, revealing the candid reality of selling for entrepreneurs at the start of the process and the emptiness that is left behind when the euphoria subsides.

Driven by a passion to tackle the corporate ‘monsters,’ Chris explains why he launched The Happiness Index to improve society. The conversation is embedded with fantastic learnings around:

  •  How to actively create a culture that prioritises wellbeing;

  • The importance of resetting for creativity;

  • Simple steps to avoid burning out;

  • How a people-centric approach helps businesses attract and retain the best talent;

  • Adapting to your people

Chris also recognises that establishing a thriving culture is a journey and why you should spend time getting your leadership team onboard. He elaborates on how the ‘freedom to be human’ can empower employees to be themselves and offers some poignant advice for those feeling the pressure of stress.

Listeners will finish by reflecting on their own work-life balance and be reminded that “unless you stop – you will break”.

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