Episode 21 - John Readman

Adam Asks... Do Thriving Employees Equate to Happy Clients?

John Readmanis the Founder and CEO of Modo25 and the Co-Founder of Ride25– two innovative businesses that challenge rigid work structures.

Recently, John joined us to talk about his experience on Dragon’s Den, the innovative path that Modo25 has chosen to take and how to establish a healthy work-life balance.

When reflecting back on his experience on Dragon’s Den, John shares about:

  • Ride25’s impressive story of growth - transforming from a fundraising idea into a sell-out business opportunity;

  • What entrepreneurs should consider when facing challenging investors.

Jumping from the past to current day, talk turns to Modo25 with John revealing the practical implications behind his ‘people first’ culture. This includes:

  • Executing a quick recruitment strategy to support growth without compromising standards;

  • How a seven-figure investment helped him to realise his ‘wish list’ of top talent;

  • Increasing productivity with a market leading wage structure and a flexible, 4-day week;

  • The knock-on effect of happy employees improving client satisfaction.

John also makes some important points about how the right infrastructure is essential as society shifts towards remote working and discusses the importance of empowering your employees.

Finally, the podcast draws to a close with an inspiring conversation around the charity work that shaped his business and some humbling advice for budding entrepreneurs who may feel isolated on their journey to success.

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