Episode 19 - Amman Ahmed

Adam Asks... Does slow and steady win the race?

​Fresh out of University, Amman Ahmed’scareer began in sales.

​Inspired by the situation of his partner, a producer from a dangerous, gang-run neighbourhood in El Salvador, Amman found himself drawn to research about music therapy. Applying it to his own life and driven by his love of animals, Amman identified a gap in the market for animals with anxiety to support their wellbeing without the use of drugs or physical manipulation.

In this podcast, we discover how Amman took a data-driven approach to grow his business Music for Pets, a TV and music streaming service for animals, from a part-time “side hustle” to an impressive service used by over 20 million pets from all around the world. Now, Amman’s obsession with his customers drives a rapidly growing business that has a positive impact on pets and owners alike.

Amman’s passion and determination to build a legacy is paramount, with ambitious plans for future growth. In a bid to warn others following suit, Amman also shares with our Co-Founder, Leon Milns, how he balances his ‘addictive passion’ for work with enough rest to ensure he doesn’t burn out.

To finish up, Amman touches on how social media can have a negative impact on our mental health when comparing ourselves to others. Listeners are advised to prioritise their own vision, reduce distractions and focus on authenticity in what they’re building.

Amman’s learning curve resonates an impactful message that accepting your strengths and weaknesses can help you enjoy your own journey. You can listen to the full podcast below.

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