Episode 17 - Jim Murray

Adam Asks… How can you transfer a negative experience into a positive legacy?

Professional actor, Jim Murray, has had a successful career accumulating an eclectic portfolio of roles across the globe in the last 20 years – famously starring in the BAFTA-nominated series Primeval for ITV. In his time off-camera, Jimand his wife, Sarah Parish, also run a charity [The Murray Parish Trust] that supports children's emergency services by raising money and awareness to enable pioneering research and provide life-saving equipment.

Jim joined our Founder and Director, Leon Milns, to share how he overcame the odds to break into a saturated market. Fuelled by an ongoing passion for his vocation and ardent love for his family, Jim provided a heart-on-his-sleeve account of persevering through the tragedy of losing a child and how it affected his outlook on life.

The heart-wrenching beginning undoubtedly demonstrates Jim’s remarkable determination to channel adversity into a positive and character-strengthening experience and powerful legacy. The poignant takeaway will leave listeners moved to seek the good in every situation and take a moment to reflect in gratitude on their position.

Newly equipped with insightful questioning and tools to help re-frame your mindset, Jim revealed how the influence of adversity, shifting cultures and
self-actualising can assist in harbouring a productive environment. He also shares his advice for others going through a difficult time and how to navigate your way through a sea of opinions.


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