Episode 16 - Dan Forth

Adam Asks...What does it take to become a 30 year old HR Director?

Dan Forth has an impressive CV and has progressed rapidly in his HR career.  At just 30 years old he became HR Director at Pilot Group, an international electronics and technology business with North West roots.

Dan joined our head of HR, Vanessa Jackson, to share his story and tell us how he's risen up the ranks so quickly.  Dan explained how he's navigated his career, explored some of the challenges he's overcome so far, and shared what it's like to be someone so young in such a senior position.

He also gave his thoughts on some of the biggest challenges businesses face when it comes to people management.  He covered topics such as engagement strategy, onboarding staff, and employee retention, and provided advice to HR leaders on what they need to focus on as we move into a new year. He also gave his advice to HR professionals on the key areas they need to develop to progress in their careers, particularly if they are looking to move into an HR Director role.

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