Episode 13: Steven Bartlett

Adam Asks...Is personal fulfilment & happiness more important than materialistic wealth?

Steven Bartlett needs little introduction, but if you need one, his LinkedIn profile describes his inspiring background perfectly:

"Steven is the 27-year-old CEO Founder of Social Chain which uses owned media, marketing and technology to build Social Brands. In the last few years, he has become an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker and investor, and now leads a company of 700+ individuals across 5 countries, who are quickly disrupting the ever-changing social world. Social Chain now operates through six locations: Manchester, London, Berlin, Munich, New York and Bangkok.

Along the way, Steve has amassed a large following online (Almost 2 Million people across Instagram, Facebook, Snap chat, Linkedin and his podcast), due to his informative and inspirational videos covering topics from entrepreneurship, business, social media and marketing. This has lead to a number of profiles in the world's leading publications where he has been dubbed "The most influential individual in Social Media Marketing" and has been voted the "most influential individual in marketing in 2017/18" by 100 agency leaders."

We were honoured to have Steven take time out of his hectic schedule to sit down with Leon for the next episode of #AdamAsks, the day Social Chain officially went public, another landmark step in their business journey.  Steven joined us to tell us about his background, what it's taken to grow Social Chain in such as short time, his thoughts on education, the future of marketing and why he puts his and Social Chains success down to focussing on more than just money.

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